the west


CMA is working with CB/SK/Ironstate. as the construction manager on an 12 story condo on this former industrial corridor in Hell’s Kitchen section of the West Side of Manhattan. The building’s overall design combines the look of the former warehouse and factory buildings in the area with a modern glass look on the upper floors. The units are laid out to make the most of modern living. Ample space is provided for amenities throughout this new building. The overall has many open areas and lends itself to the new communal style that has become very popular in New York City.


Description: 222 Condominiums, with amenities, 2 floors of retail for car dealership, 270,000 sf
Client: CB/SK/Ironstate
Location: Hells Kitchen, Manhattan
Architects: Concrete Architecture- Design Architect, Greenberg Farrow LLP – AOR
Anticipated Completion: 2021