Open positions

CM & Associates seeking a candidate in a position as a Project Manager, to review and interpret project design concepts and drawings created by the design team of architects and engineers. Apply those design concepts and drawings to the building process to ensure that required construction details are present. Collaborate with the architects, engineers and other construction specialists to identify and address potential conflicts between design drawings and field conditions and create markups and sketches using CAD software. Determine the sequence of construction operations and create project schedules and timetables on MS Project. Prepare cost estimates and budgets for customized project developing Excel spreadsheets with quantities and costs, and oversee the purchasing and scheduling of required construction materials. Check construction costs to ensure that expenses are in line with project budgets. Interpret and explain contracts and technical information, and relay that information to interested parties using documents developed with Bluebeam. Monitor direct trades and ensure that construction work is complete in accordance with design documents, local and federal cods, and other industry standards. Monitor maintenance of construction sites ensuring compliance with company and legally mandated safety requirements.

Requirements: BS in Architecture and 2 years of experience as a Project Manager.

Interested candidates please apply to the position by contacting us through email or by calling (973) 494-0885.